The ugly truths of indie publishers

Source: Pixabay.

1 — Wishlists are the main figures that matter to them

  • 100 wishlists/day is crazy good.
  • 50 wishlists/day is very interesting and promising.
  • 20 wishlists/day is an average good indie game on Steam.
  • 10 wishlists/day is a bit low and probably not worth investing 50k into the project.
  • 5 wishlists/day is a catastrophe and you need to rework MAJOR parts of your game, marketing or design.
Source: Pixabay.

2 — They will drop out of the game if it doesn’t bring money

Source: Pixabay

3 — They’re great at getting past trends and unable to predict future trends

Source: Pixabay

4 — They’re unable to see placeholders for what they are




French indie game studio developping turn-based games

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Tavrox Games

Tavrox Games

French indie game studio developping turn-based games

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